Zahara Dismisses Pregnancy Claims

Y’all claiming singer is pregnant should bury that nonsense and focus on more important things. The songstres is not pregnant ―or so she says, addressing the issue.

Some peeps had taken to social media recently, claiming that the songstress is pregnant. Given how important the singer is, the claims had gained traction on social media in no time.

Addressing the claims, however, had made it clear she’s not pregnant, letting the world know that is she was, it would have been obvious. After all, it is near impossible to hide a pregnancy.

Maybe the peeps weren’t referring to pregnancy as we know it but to the album she has in the works. has just released a second single (“Nyaba Yam”) from the compilation. According to her, the album will be released ten days from now ―13 August.

By the way, is not the only South African who has been rumoured pregnant of recent. had also been rumoured to be pregnant. However, unlike Zahara, she has neither confirmed nor denied her pregnancy. In fact, at some point, some fans had accused her of using a purse to cover her pregnancy.

Well, you may what to focus on the Zahara’s album, which we’re gonna share on release.