Zahara Featured On BBC 100 Women, Talks Violence Against Women In South Africa

South African songstress has been listed on the BBC’s 100 Women list. The list covers women around the world who are making impact in the society.

made the list on the strength of her advocacy against GBV (gender-based violence). She is a survivor herself and appears to be in a position to address the issue, which some have described as a plague in South Africa.

The platinum-selling artiste, who had survived GBV, described violence against women in South Africa as “a pandemic.” She had spoken out about her experience as a survivor of GBV and has one overwhelming thought to fellow women: speak up and speak out.

She is against victims of GBV keeping quiet about the violence directed at them. She urges the women not to keep quiet, as doing so will kill them from inside. In telling her story, says she aims to inspire girls into living their dreams by making them realize they can achieve whatever they set their minds to do.

joins 99 other women from around the world who are not only influential but inspirational in their fields, including the Tanzanian lawyer Rebeca Gyumi.

Well, what do you think about making the list?

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