Zahara Suffers 18 Gigs Loss Worldwide

The pandemic situation due to the worldwide spread of the virus led to a lot of major loses for people in the entertainment world, as they had to cancel or postpone their music gigs. In that light shares that she lost out on over 18 gigs due to it.

explained that she had so many pending shows both in and internationally, pointing out she had a performance at the Emperor’s palace that had to be postponed, with the new date to be communicated.

Zahara went on that she is not deterred as her time staying at home, has helped her to spend time with her family and reach out to family and friends she had not gotten in contact with for a long time. She also inputted that she is getting the adequate amount of rest needed.

The Government had to implement a total country lockdown, which also saw the borders and airspace closed down.

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