Zahara On What She Wants To Be Remembered For At Death

Death is inevitable. That is one reality that just about everyone is familiar with. Beyond that, people also have dreams – things they would love to be remembered for at death. South African singer Zahara was no exception.

The singer, who tragically passed away on the night of December 11, is currently trending online after an old clip in which she spoke about what she would love to be remembered for surfaced online.

In the said clip, the singer could be seen as she spoke that she doesn’t exactly want much. She would rather love to be remembered as the girl next door who changed lives. by “the girl next door,” of course, one gets the image of an unassuming lady who is ready to play the role of friend and a=sister to those around her as the need may be.

Indeed, to her credit, she ended up changing many lives with her music. This reality has been acknowledged not just by her fans but by South Africa’s ruling class as well, including President Ramaphpsa, whose tribute to her left many South Africans emotional.

Zahara was gearing up for her white wedding to her liver Xaba when death intruded, tossing their plans asunder.

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