Zahara Wins Best Female Artist (East/South/North Africa) At the Recent AEAUSA

Zahara announced winner of the “Best Female Artist (East/South/North Africa)” award at the recent African Entertainment Awards USA #AEAUSA2020.

Shout out to all the Mzansi artists making us proud and announcing the country far beyond Africa. Everyone who knows Mzansi star, Zahara knows she always does that everywhere she goes. We are always proud of her.

The talented queen has spent much of the year writing music for her upcoming album which is expected next year. You may have seen some of the videos posted to social media. That certainly isn’t easy. The recently held African Entertainment Awards USA #AEAUSA2020 saw Zahara snatch a much deserved win.

She was announced winner of the Best Female Artist (East/South/North Africa) category. That’s quite huge. It is yet another plaque to adorn her shelf. Ever so grateful, she thanked for fans for voting for her. We wish her many more wins next year.

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