Zahara’s Sisters Allegedly Plunder Her Wardrobe, Take Over Her Home

South African singer Zahara might be dead, but it appears that the drama around her is only just beginning, what with recent reports that her sisters Lumka and Bandezwa.

The two have reportedly “raided” her wardrobe, as well as taken over her house. Beyond the alleged raiding, one of them, Bandezwa, was captured in a picture wearing a dress the late Zahara had worn during her last show.

South Africans who saw it were shocked by it all and criticised her for disrespecting Zahara even in death. One of the critics even pointed out that Zahara would be angry wherever she was if she saw the way her sisters were acting.

In her defence, Bandezwa pointed out that she was merely trying out the dress. She was reportedly quoted as saying: “We were just trying them on. What is wrong with that? She is not here anymore.”

Zahara'S Sisters Allegedly Plunder Her Wardrobe, Take Over Her Home 1

But then, this isn’t the first time some “scandalous” had erupted about the sisters. Even when she was still battling for her life at the hospital, her sisters had reportedly gone on a shopping spree with her cards, buying fake designers.

Zahara died on December 11, after battling reportedly battling liver failure at the hospital. Her death shocked the Rainbow Nation and many South Africans are still trying to process it.

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