Zahara’s Sisters Lumka and Bandezwa Mkutukana Reflect On Her Life and Legacy

The South African music scene is in mourning following the untimely death of award-winning Afro-pop singer Bulelwa Mkutukana, known professionally as Zahara. At just 36 years old, Zahara passed away in a Johannesburg hospital, surrounded by her family and loved ones. Her passing on December 11th has left a void in the hearts of many, including her sisters Lumka and Bandezwa Mkutukana, who have been vocal about their grief and the loss of a sister who was a beacon of light in their lives.

Zahara’s journey to stardom was marked by her soulful voice and heartfelt ballads, which earned her platinum-selling albums and multiple accolades. Her music resonated with fans across Africa, making her a household name. Despite her fame, Zahara faced financial difficulties and contract issues with TS Records, the company behind her rise to fame. However, in a hopeful turn, she had recently signed with a new record label and was planning an overseas tour in February, indicating a promising future that was tragically cut short.

Her sisters, Lumka and Bandezwa, shared their heartache, recalling Zahara’s vibrant personality and the joy she brought to their family. Known for her bubbly nature, Zahara was a source of laughter and happiness, often cooking for the family on Christmas and making everyone around her feel loved. Her love for singing extended beyond the stage, as she would often sing over the phone to her family, bringing joy with her voice.

The grief of Zahara’s family is palpable. They describe the pain of losing her as surreal, like a bad dream. The week before her hospitalization, Zahara had been at home, spending time with her nieces and nephews, showing her love and affection for them. Her sisters reminisce about these moments, emphasizing the void left by her absence.

Zahara’s legacy extends beyond her music. She was a symbol of hope and resilience, overcoming personal and professional challenges to achieve greatness. Her death has sparked conversations about the struggles artists face, highlighting the need for better support systems in the entertainment industry.

As South Africa prepares to lay Zahara to rest on December 23rd, the nation reflects on the impact she had on the music industry and the lives of those who knew her. Her sisters’ words are a poignant reminder of the personal loss behind the public figure. Zahara’s music and memory will continue to live on, a testament to her talent and the love she shared with the world.

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