Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Madida To Change Marriage Contract After Four years

Oh, hold on. Nandi Madida and Zakes Bantwini aren’t getting divorced. They are merely applying to change their marriage contract.

The couple, who are both musicians, got married in 2016 and currently have two kids: Zulu and Nefertiti. Zakes Bantwini recently revealed he entered into a wrong marriage contract and has asked the courts to dissolve it.

Back in 2016, Zakes Bantwini entered into “in community of property” marriage with his wife. He said entering that contract was the result of a misunderstanding with a marriage officer. Now he wants the contract dissolved and recognized as “out of community of property.”

For clarity, “in community of property” means that without an antenuptial agreement (agreement before marriage), all the assets and liabilities of each partner (even before marriage) are merged into a joint estate, with each partner entitled to half of it.

“Out of community of property” is the exact opposite.

Right now the couple is said to have a R3.5-million home in Durban and another R1.5 million home in Johannesburg.

According to reports, Nandi Madida okayed Zakes Bantwini’s affidavit to have their marriage contract changed to “Out of community of property.”

Well, what do you think about the change? You may want to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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