Zakes Bantwini’s #LockdownHouseParty Performance Literally Blew Minds

Zakes Bantwini blows minds with his #LockdownHouseParty Performance

Zakes Bantwini blows viewers’ minds with his impressive performance at the #LockdownHouseParty.

We can confess we are part of many who were blown away by last night’s impressive #LockdownHouseParty on Channel O. Literally everyone who watched it had great things to say.

The show didn’t happen until midnight, but trust us, it was worth the wait. The channel had previously announced the lockdown with an impressive lineup including Zakes, DJ Tira, DJ Fresh and PH. Literally everyone who saw it was impressed by the amazing performances but somehow, Zakes Bantwini stood out from the rest.

The talented hit maker was on fire, and all of Mzansi felt it. Fans and viewers of the show took to social media to praise him, with many calling him the best performer of the night. We absolutely agree with that. The show brought about by Channel O in association with Hunters was a huge hit.

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