Watch Zakwe’s Clips of An Unknown Man Who Threatened His Wife

On Twitter yesterday 13 July 2020, Mzansi muso Zakwe has shared a clip of an unknown who threatened his wife.

According to him, the unknown mand came to Durban CBD Broadwalk Arcade saying he wanted to see Zakwe’s wife. Zakwe said the man looks suspicious and anyone who knows him should ask what he wanted, because he didn’t reveal the he was there.

Zakwe’s fears are not entirely unfounded, as South has a high rate of violence against women.

Below, you can check out the clips he shared on Twitter

What do you make of the clips and the fact an unknown fellow threatened the songster’s wife? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

By the way, if threatened, report to the authorities immediately.

Security tip: Avoid dark corners and dark locations. If someone is threatening or chasing you and you realize you can’t outrun the person, look around you. If there is a bank nearby, you can run there for a semblance of safety.

Banks usually have CCTV cameras. You can dock behind an ATM and warn the person threatening you that his actions are being recorded. In most cases, the threat will back off.

Be safe out there.

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