Zamani Mbatha’s Ex-Girlfriend Snikiwe Mhlongo Says She’s Dying, Thanks Fans For Support

For some people, it is easy picking up the pieces and continuing with life after a breakup. for others, it is not quite so: They struggle with moving on despite trying so hard.

South African YouTuber Snikiwe Mhlongo falls into the latter category. Just recently, the social media influencer had exposed her actor boyfriend Zamani Mbatha as cheating on her. She shared images on her Twitter account to prove her point.

Of course, after such a public show, it is understandably hard for the relationship to continue. Zamani Mbatha has been lying low for a while. But Snikiwe is seriously struggling emotionally. But she has been thoughtful enough to share her struggles with the public.

In a recent post on her Instagram Story, she noted that she is dying, struggling seriously. She doesn’t know how to be better and start showing up again, but she is putting in the effort. She ended up thanking those who have been supporting her one way or the other and wished them a great week ahead> You can check out her post below.

Zamani Mbatha’s Ex-Girlfriend Snikiwe Mhlongo Says She'S Dying, Thanks Fans For Support 2

Snikiwe and Zamani collectively made headlines when their story blew into the open. But the dust appears to be settling now.

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