Zamoh Cofi Pays Tribute To Late Rapper, Riky Rick, On “Khuluma Ndoda” Featuring Jozlin

Tributes are still being sent in for popular South African rapper, Riky Rick, who passed away at 34. Even artistes have decided to join in mourning with those that mourn by making music for the cause. Zamoh Cofi is one of such artistes, paying his respects on the Jozlin-assisted “Khuluma Ndoda”.

The death of the rapper followed a tweet he had put out saying he would “return stronger. This land is still my home.”

The late star revealed back in 2020 that he had been battling depression after his father’s passing. He was due to host his second sold-out music festival, “Cotton Fest”, next month before the unexpected tragedy struck.

Zamoh Cofi, the artist who chose to immortalize the late rapper is a poet who has a knack for tackling social issues, pushing his entertainment content on the side. On this new track, he called on Jozlin for assistance on the tribute ballad, “Khuluma Ndoda”.

The song is accompanied by a sombre but colorful music video depicting the emotions of the artistes that curated it. The new song is available on all music streaming platforms. Meanwhile, if you’re eager to check out what the video looks like, we got you covered below:

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