Zandie Khumalo Dumps Sister, Kelly

Zandie Khumalo Cuts Ties With Kelly Khumalo

Zandie Khumalo dumps her sister, Kelly in the wake of scam mess.

No one wants to hear about two siblings fighting, it is even much worse hearing they cut ties with each other. Mzansi watches in disbelief as the drama between the Khumalo sisters continues to unfold.

A few days back, news broke that Kelly’s brother-in-law, Mhlo Gumede allegedly used her name to scam an events organiser of R17000. Kelly later on released a statement saying she isn’t and will never be managed by Mhlo.

From the looks of it, there’s more drama unfolding behind the scenes because Zandie Khumalo just announced that she has cut ties with Kelly. Apparently the latter’s statement was the last straw which broke the camel’s back.

In her statement, she’s suffered so much (including taking a lie detector test) at the hands of her sister, and sees it best to walk away. See the full statement below.

It is with great sadness and it is with a very heavy heart that I announce my divorce…… If I was divorcing from my husband maybe it would have been a little bit easier and lighter cos I have only known him for a few years even though it feels like forever but I am separating from a person that I have known for all my life and I have shared laughs, pain, excitement and disappointments with all my life with, my sister.

I want to officially put it on record that the statement my sister Kelly Khumalo made about me and my husband on social media and to some media people is rather happazard, premature and unnecessary to say the least.

We spoke about that issue and put it to her that the promoter didn’t stick to his word so she had no right to take it to a public platform without getting facts. I know that the fight is not even about a gig she was supposedly booked for but the fight is with me and my husband because we both refused that I become a part of her upcoming reality TV show without being compensated accordingly.

Me and my husband who is my manager have worked very hard to remove me from her shadow so we are not prepared to take ten steps backwards and have me be her lackie on a TV show just to please her.

It hurts that she saw fit to go on social media and talk about me and my husband the same people her and my family call when the kids have not eaten,the same man that had never had a problem with me sending them money when there’s a problem.

My sister lives for social media and she’s the kind of person that likes to pretend as if she’s got it all together when she actually isn’t and she hasn’t been for a while now and we always there to help. This hurts because personally I have been to hell and back with her ngesizulu sithi kudala ngiwa ngivuka naye.

The first and the last time I went to jail it was because of her, the first time I was questioned by the police and even put on a lie detector test it was because of her, the first time I saw drugs with my own eyes it was from her, today I’m known as an accessory to murder and its because of her.

I have endured so much abuse and nonsense from her but I kept quiet because that is the type of the person I am. She was more than happy to have me as her dancer forever even though she knew I was talented cos it served her ego, she had not intentions of helping me start a music career and when my husband removed me from under her shadow she was bitter at some point she accused me of stealing her song that I didn’t even write.

I am not going to allow her attack my house or my brand that I have both worked so hard for because of her issues.

With all that said I have taken a decision that yes I love her dearly but I’m going to love her from a distance for now cos she is toxic as a person and her friends and my mother can attest to that but she is my sister and awukho umgqomo wokulahla umuntu.

This is not to bash my sister and it is neither malicious like her post but to protect what’s mine because if I started telling you about other issues your Jaws will drop I just wish that one day she will accept that she needs help and actually get help coz love her.

Enough about that now back to making great music, 2 singles coming out in two weeks called Akwanele and Lengoma.


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