Zandie Khumalo Is 8 Months Pregnant

The Khumalo clan is about to expand, with the recent revelation that singer Zandie Khumalo, sister to Kelly Khumalo, is pregnant. She’s already eight months gone, according to her.

Zandie Khumalo informed fans of her pregnancy in a recent post to Instagram, stating she’s not only eight months pregnant, but eager to see and embrace the child she’s carrying.

In a previous post, she had hailed her husband and Durban business Mhlo Gumede, stating that he came into her life at a time she didn’t even have confidence in herself.

By the way, the Khumalos are a family of singers. Kelly Khumalo’s daughter sings beautifully. Will Zandie Khumalo’s child join the crooning collective, too? The coming hears should reveal that.

Zandie and her sister Kelly have feuded sporadically and at some point Kelly had made it clear that she was done with Zandie and there are no more rooms for reconciliation. Hopefully the birth of Zandie’s baby will provoke reconciliation between them. And maybe a joint project? That would be wow!

Well, what do you think of Zandie Khumalo’s revelations she’s eight months pregnant? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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