Zandie Khumalo Maintains Her Innocence In The Brutal Killing Of Senzo Meyiwa

Who killed Senzo Meyiwa? That is one question that has remained unanswered since 2014 when the Bafana Bafana goalie was killed in the home of his then-girlfriend Kelly Khumalo. Both Kelly and her sister Zandie were present when he was killed.

However, as the trial continues in court, Zandie has maintained her innocence of Senzo’s death, completely distancing herself from the goalie’s brutal killing. Her mother was also present at the time of the incident, and so were a couple of their associates.

Senzo’s death was initially alleged to be a robbery gone wrong, but that is disputed now, and many would rather not run with it. So who killed Senzo? Kelly Khumalo will not be testifying in court – a source of displeasure to a section of social media, because she was there when Senzo was killed.

Zandie, on the other hand, is taking the witness stand. She insisted that she is not involved in Senzo’s death and will not protect anyone who was part of it.

The case is being heard by a new judge at the Pretoria High Court after the previous judge, Maumela, was suspended by President Cyril Ramaphosa. Before then, the case had been deferred multiple times, leading to complaints among South Africans.

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