Zari Henson Addresses Claims That Her Husband Is A Teen

Young, Famous and African star Zari Henson has just addressed claims that her husband is a teen, revealing her age in the process.

Zari is one of the celebs who are with younger men. Her relationship with her man has been a source of curiosity to many people given the significant disparity in their ages.

To those who might not like that she is with her man because of their age differences, Zari is of the view that compatibility and love trump age in any relationship. Since they are compatible and love each other, why not?

Speaking about her husband (the professional boxer Shakib Cham Lutaaya) in a recent video, she described him as a “fully grown a*s man.” She might not be wrong, after all, for the boxer is said to be 30 at the time of writing. In contrast, Zari was born in 1980, which means she is in her early 40s.

Interestingly, nothing in her looks gives her away as someone in her 40s.

Anyway, she is an adult and the choice of who she is with is entirely up to her. So long as she is not with a minor, she is good to go. The public can say whatever about her relationship. It doesn’t change anything. Or does it?

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