Zimbabwe: Watch The Violent Moment Makhadzi Was Attacked With Bottles After Arriving Late For Show

Musicians sometimes arriving late for shows is nothing novel. A lot can contribute to this, and in most instances, the artists usually explain, apologetic. Again, sometimes, the audience gets so worked up by the late arrival that they react violently. This much played out recently during Makhadzi’s show in Zimbabwe.

A video is currently making the rounds on social media, showing the moment the songstress was attacked with bottles while performing on stage.

She had reportedly arrived late for the show and performed without a live band. She had two backup dancers with her and merely lip-synced during the performance. When fans started throwing bottles and stones at her during the performance, she left the stage in a hurry. You can check out the clip below.

The Zimbabwean incident is of particular significance because the country is more like a second home to the singer — or so she noted earlier after a sterling performance in the country about a year ago.

But that appears to be history now, as fans showed they were upset with her and were unapologetic hurling missiles at her. Hopefully, this doesn’t repeat itself, and the songstress regains her popularity in the region just across the border.

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