Zimbabwean Promoter Responds to Nadia Nakai’s Accusations

Music promoter and Changamire Festival Awards founder, Jackson ‘Zimboy’ Muchechetere, has shared his side of the story following a fallout with South African rapper Nadia Nakai. In a recent Instagram post, Nakai accused Muchechetere of being a con artist, expressing her frustration with the promoter. However, during the Denny J Show Podcast, Muchechetere claimed that Nakai failed to meet her contractual obligation due to her late arrival at the airport.

Muchechetere explained, “I think she failed to understand that she was the major highlight of the awards night. She changed her flight from morning to evening, and this was where all problems started, as she came late.” He went on to describe how they left the airport around 7 pm and arrived at Rainbow Towers just after 8 pm to book her room.

Nakai allegedly requested a presidential suite and began applying makeup at 9 pm, a process that lasted until after 11 pm. Muchechetere said, “Our sister (Nadia Nakai) then said she wanted a presidential suite, and then she started having makeup, so her makeup started from 9 pm to past 11 pm.”

Upon arrival at the awards ceremony, Nakai reportedly refused to pose for photos in front of the sponsorship banner or walk the red carpet. Muchechetere explained the importance of these actions, stating, “These sponsors are the people that give me money because I’ve never said I pay these things off my pocket.” He added, “So sponsors pay for just a simple thing, for Nadia Nakai to walk the red carpet and at least take a single photo on the bedrock banner. She refused. She said it’s not the type of red carpet that she’s used to.”

Despite Nakai’s public accusations against him on social media, Muchechetere said he still respected the artist and even apologized for any issues that may have occurred. “I was even apologizing to Nadia and saying, you know what, okay, whatever happened, happened. I’m sorry,” he concluded.

The ongoing dispute between the Zimbabwean promoter and the South African rapper has caught the attention of fans and the music industry, sparking a debate on the expectations and responsibilities of artists and promoters in the entertainment world.

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