Zingah Names Who He Thinks Is The Best South African Rapper Right Now

To each his opinion, of course. And yes, South African musician and podcaster Zingah has no qualms about sharing his for the world to know. South Africa’s rap universe is pretty vibrant, with many opinions on who the best rappers are, dead or alive.

But who is the best rapper in South Africa right now? Zingah has no qualms pointing in the direction of Maglera Doe Boy as the rapper to beat. In a recent tweet, Zingah shared a 56-second clip of Stino Le Thwenny’s music video “You Want Some More” featuring Maglera Doer Boy.

In the caption to the tweet, which you can check out below, Zingah declared Maglera Doe Boy the best rapper in South Africa right now. Last we checked, the clip has been liked over 3.9k times.

The debate on who is the best rapper in South Africa has been on for as long as one can remember. And from the look of things, it doesn’t appear like the debate would end anytime soon. With Zingah, an important voice in South African rap, sharing his thoughts, chances are other important voices will speak out as well.

There is no assurance they will share his verdict. And that means the conversation continues…

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