Zingah Quits Music “Whatever I owe I will figure out how to settle,”

SA hitmaker, Zingah has announced that he is quitting music saying “whatever I owe I will figure out how to settle,”.

We do not always know what’s happening behind the scenes when it comes to the lives of our favourite artists. Sometimes, there are unspoken battles with labels, management teams and so on. We never get to know this unless someone speaks out.

Just this week, announced that people in her team had been trying to sabotage her for over a year. Now, Zingah is hinting on some hidden issues that have led him to quit the music industry.

The Mzansi star shared a photo to Instagram announcing that he is quitting music. According to him, he will figure out a way to settle whatever he owes. He also thanked everyone who has supported him through it all. We don’t know what went wrong because he was the one who stopped from quitting two years ago.

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