Zingah Says “We Need To Not Take Life And People So Lightly”

Zingah speaks about friends who turned on him when CashTime did him dirty and says “We Need To Not Take Life And People So Lightly”.

Sometimes, we all need to sit back and look at how far we’ve come and be grateful for the journey. Although it isn’t always rosy but the lessons we learn make us better.

Zingah must have been reflecting on all this because he recently opened up about how he found out who his real friends were. In a tweet shared over the weekend, he spoke about not taking life and people lightly.

He also opened about the friends that ditched him after CashTime did him dirty. He has stated that he took steps back from the scene to focus on being better because he was getting lost in the fame. He also shouted out his friends Stilo, Nasty C and Riky Rick who helped him be better.

We need to not take life and people so lightly. I had friends that I fed, clothed and housed turn their back on me when Cashtime did me dirty”

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