Zingah’s Question About The Illuminati Operating In SA Sparks Debate

SA Hip Hop star Zingah has sparked a debate about the presence of the Illuminati in South Africa after asking a simple question.

The entertainment industry is always plagued with news of occultic practices and secret cults. Some have called the Illuminati the strongest secret cult in the entertainment scene, yet, no one ever fesses up to belonging to it.

However, some of Mzansi’s biggest celebs have been accused of being a part of them. Zingah recently sparked a debate online about the presence of the Illuminati in SA by asking a question about them. He wrote,

“Is it far fetched vele for us to believe the Illuminati is operating in Southahh?”

Several people agreed that they operate in SA, while some said he would know better because he’s in the music scene. One fan wrote, “You tell us mate … you inside the industry… while some of us are outside trying get within the operations.”

Another user said it was evident in the political scene, “Lol you have no let me give you something for nothing..take a dive into politics just for a hot minute then you will see.”

Reacting to a cover photo of Jay Jody, Zingah sparked more controversy by pointing out that Jay Jody posed with a symbol associated with the Illuminati. He wrote,

“Haibo @OriginalJayJody the Illuminati way??” 🤨

Zingah'S Question About The Illuminati Operating In Sa Sparks Debate 1

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