Zodwa Wabantu & Bae Affirm Their Love By Having Tattoos Of Other’s Name

and her new man have taken their romance a bar higher by tattooing each other’s name on their hands.

There’s no shortage of drama for the controversial dancer, and she’s loving every bit of her time with her man, whom she snapped after previous failed relationships.

Never one to keep quiet about the sounds and rainbows of her life, had shared a clip of her and her man Ricardo together, their wrists revealing their tattoos.

In the caption to her post, she had tagged her mn, calling him the love of her life, as well as noting that they’re getting younger together.

Now that’s an interesting perspective in that Ricardo is several years younger than Zodwa Wabantu, who has a well-documented habit of dating younger men.

In fact, her tastes in dating have been criticized sporadically, with some peeps describing her behavior as predatory. Whatever the opinions about her dating life, though, it is clear that the controversial dancer doesn’t care. People may talk all they like; she’s still living her life to the fullest and as she please, too.

Anyway, you may want to meet this couple inking their love in time, as they please.

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