Fans Debate Zodwa Wabantu’s Butt-Filling Adventure – Watch

Controversial dancer ZOdwa Wanbamtu had many of her fans worried after she shared a clip of her booty transformation, She had gotten an injection into her derriere and increased its shape to something more rounded.

She shared the clip of the transformation herself, letting her followers know that the transformation from the injection was instant. Yes, she gets instant results from having the injection, the content of which can be guessed.

Many fans expressed their worry for her, especially when she noted that the transformation was immediate and doesn’t come over time. Some of them asked her about the side effects of the procedure to get a more rounded ass.

Some of her fans made it clear that they would never take such a risk with their body, Instead, they would rather do squats to get the shape they desire. You can check out the controversial clip below,

Zodwa Wabantu is known for always doing whatever pleases her. So her latest butt-filling adventure will certainly not surprise those who know her well.

Some fans are still curious however. They believe she already has a splendid derriere and see no reason for wanting it bumped up. Well, it is her life, and oh, her choice.

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