Zodwa Wabantu Shows Off New Lamborghini

Has Afrotainment dancer Zodwa Wabantu bought a Lamborghini? This is the question on the lips of fans after the controversial dancer showed off the pricey sports car on her Instagram page.

In the clip she shared, the dancer could be see doing what she knows best – dancing, in front of the car. She didn’t state if she bought the car or if someone gifted it to her. The pricey car in question had a red ribbon on the bonnet, which might indicate a gift.

At any rate, having showed off the car, she had spawned great fan interest. From the comments to her post it is obvious fans cannot keep calm over the purchase. A Lambo is not your regular car, mind you.

The reactions to the car was overwhelmingly positive, with many lavishing her with their congratulations.

If indeed she owns the car, no keen follower of her hustle would be surprised. The dance has long made it clear she has nothing to do with poverty again and has been working assiduously to secure the bag

Well, do you think Zodwa Wabantu has got a Lambo? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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