Zodwa Wabantu’s Relationship With Her Younger Lover Is Over

Popular South African dancer and media personality, Zodwa Wabantu, has revealed that her younger lover, Vusi Buthelezi, walked out of the relationship.

Revealing that she is not too heartbroken, the talented dancer stated that she has to move forward in life.

The talented star had previously dated the aspiring actor, Ntobeko Linda about a year ago. Their relationship ended and she had started a new relationship with Vusi Buthelezi.

Zodwa Wabantu revealed that Vusi left and she has no idea if he would be returning. It looks like the break might turn out to become a permanent split.

The two lovers were having a fun time as they quarantined together, all until burglars broke into Zodwa’s Durban house and stole items worth R100 000. The incident’s trauma has caused a rift between them, which eventually led to their separation.

Zodwa Wabantu revealed:

Things were not working out. He left, but I’ve learnt that you must allow people to leave. You accept things as they come and as they are and allow people to be themselves.

Zodwa’s previous relationship with Ntobeko Linda was so serious that the pair almost tied the knots. However, Zodwa abruptly ended the relationship.

The talented star is ready to put away her personal issues and promote her beauty business.

The media personality, who launched her perfume range, is preparing to also launch her petroleum jelly and lipstick.

She recently took to her social media pages to promote a range of anti-ageing serums. I mean, you can tell the products will be authentic from her ageless look!

Zodwa is ready to face life’s obstacles and keep soaring higher. She had recently been praised for her well-packaged and nice-smelling perfume range.

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