Zola 7 ― Unwell But Not Dead

Respected kwaito artiste and television host 7 has confirmed he’s actually ill. His confirmation followed claims that he was dead. He isn’t dead; he just isn’t well.

confirmed that he faints most of the time, and that the longest time he had ever passed out was for two days. According to the songster, he was diagnosed of epilepsy three years ago.

It has been three years of mini hell as, according to him, the illness has robbed him of the limelight, and now all people think of is a sick 7. The venerated kwaito veteran had collaborated on a song with family Tree rapper last year.

Recalling the collaboration and how he was able to pull it off despite his illness, he had noted that he was on drugs, and the production team had to make several cuts before something good was made.

By the way, the recent death rumour wasn’t te first one concerning 7. Rumours of his death had earlier exploded online. Also, previously, he was rumoured to have been seriously ill and had created a GoFundMe account to take care of his medical bills. He, as well as his associates, dismissed the GoFundMe initiative

To good health, 7!