Zola 7 Shares His Opinion On Playing US Music In South Africa

Zola 7 shares his opinion on South Africa playing US Music

Zola 7 shares his honest opinion on South Africa playing US music on the radio and on TV.

He will say the truth, and nothing but the truth. Mzansi rapper, Zola 7 has opened up about how he really feels about South Africa playing more US songs on the airwaves than songs by other artistes.

Everyone knows Zola is a living musical legend. He’s done so much in all his time in the music industry, but he’s certainly not happy with how things are going. Recently speaking out about it, he said he believes South Africans aren’t patriotic.

He also shared his opinions about playing more US songs on the airwaves than songs by local artistes, which he said means the country does not put bread on the artistes’ tables but leave them to die poor. He also revealed that the lack of patriotism is affecting the success of various artistes.

He said:

The people who put content on TV and radio are grownups who feel the need to hype American comedy, music and American soapies against the creativity of South African.”

Then you read on the newspapers that Brown Dash died broke, Mandoza lost his R7.5 million house, two of Zola’s houses got auctioned… “It boils down to bread on the table, if you don’t put me out there, my bread will become smaller.

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