Zola 7’s Team Refute Claims That He Received R1m From MaMkhize

Zola 7’s team has refuted claims that he received R1m from MaMkhize.

A report by City Press has gotten slammed by Zola 7’s personal assistant. According to the report, Zola 7 received a donation of R1m from Shaun “MaMkhize” Mkhize after she spent some time with him on March 10. According to his personal assistant, Siki Kunene, this is false.

Siki has revealed that Zola 7 did not receive any donation of R1m from MaMkhize. In a statement released by the team, it is revealed that Zola has received a lot of monetary donations since his accounts details were shared online but there has not been any donation of R1m.

The statement also revealed that Zola is grateful for the love and support that he has gotten so far. It also revealed that he has been getting the “necessary support” he needs now. It continued “Zola has not received any millions or R1m from any funder, as widely alleged.”

The statement ended with a message to MaMkhize saying “To MaMkhize, you are one of a kind and we hope you are not discouraged by incorrect reporting to assist where you can. You have given Zola love, hope and joy. That is a blessing on its own.” In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Mkhize refused to disclose the amount of donations she made to him but encouraged Mzansi to help.

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