Zola Hashatsi Lashes Out At Kaya 959 For Sacking Unathi & Dineo Ranaka

South African actor and MC Zola Hashatsi is unimpressed with the firing of Dineo Ranaka and Unathi Nkayi from Kaya 959 FM, and he has made his displeasure known in a recent post on social media.

The two persons he mentioned were fired for entirely different reasons. The first to be fired was Unathi. It was alleged that she had falsely accused her colleague Sizwe Dhlomo of abuse. but Sizwe denied the accusations at the time, calling for an investigation.

Indeed, an investigation was carried out and it was discovered that she lied against him. She was fired as a result while Sizwe continue in his position at the station.

For her part, Dineo Ranaka had posted online about battling depression and being suicidal. She was reportedly given a leave of absence to take care of her mental health. She flew to the United States thereafter, where she gave talks on the need for people to take their mental health seriously.

Soon, word started flying that she had reached an agreement with Kaya to terminate her three-year contract to focus on her mental health. But she denied it in an Instagram post, insisting she was fired from the station.

This provoked Zola Hashatsi to condemn their sacking.

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