Zola & Releases Banking Details For Financial Aid

“At last!” that’s the exclamation in some quarters as respected veteran 7 finally shares his banking details for financial aid.

The muso is suffering from epilepsy, which has deeply affected his music career and made him unable to perform in most cases. And with the news that he’s also struggling with poverty, Mzansi had indicated the desire to contribute to help him.

But there were no banking details and peeps were keen not to send money to the account of a fraudster.

But now they have the account, released by none other than the musician himself – after an initial reluctance to do so. Asking is never easy, of course, so it’s understandable why he should deny needing help or asking for the same initially.

At any case, fans are happy now that they have got his details,

In a post to social media, the songster noted that he’s received hundreds of text messages asking for his banking details. He also expressed that he never expected people would want to reach out to him and help him in his hour of need.

He initially rejected sending his banking details because of pride, he said. All the same, he’s grateful. See details

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