Zoleka Mandela Finished 10th Radiation Treatment For Brain Cancer

Mzansi is proud of Zoleka Mandela as she reveals she finished her 10th radiation treatment for Brain Cancer.

Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter Zoleka Mandela’s story is a very sad one, but she has stayed strong all through. Zoleka, the author of “When Hope Whisper,” first announced she had breast cancer. She fought through until she was diagnosed breast cancer free.

She later announced last year that the cancer had returned. This time, she revealed she was diagnosed with bone, lung, liver, and brain cancer. She has since documented her recovery process for Mzansi to see. She has been open about her doctor’s appointments and fears of leaving her kids one day.

On May 2, the famous author announced that she had completed the tenth radiation treatment for brain cancer. She also shared that she had returned home and had a long way to go to fight the ailment. Fans were proud of her and wished her well.


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