Zoleka Mandela Remembered By Family Three Months After Demise

Memories, not only diamonds, are forever. At least, this Christmas shows the reality of those words, as many families with dead members used the occasion to remember their dead loved ones. Think the Mandela family. Think the Ferguson family. Think the Forbes family. Think…

The focus here, though, is the family of the late writer Zoleka Mandela, who made it a point to remember her at Christmas this year. Zoleka would have been a part of the Christmas celebration, but death took her away.

Death may have done its worst – as the saying goes – but Zoleka’s memory is still very much alive, as exemplified by her family remembering her three months after her death. Beyond that, her family had also vowed to keep her memory alive.

By the family’s account, her death left a void in their hearts – something they feel every day and just cannot get over. Many indeed would understand.

Zoleka died on September 25 after a long battle with cancer. She was 43 at the time of her death. She made it a point to keep her fans updated on her health status until the very end. Sadly, South Africans can no longer embrace the warmth of her smile.

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