Zolisa Xaluva Gets His Flowers

Fans give former “Generations” actor his flowers following the release of the second season of Netflix’s “Kings Of Jo’burg.”

The world must appreciate great talent when they see it. We are all excited to see finally getting his flowers. The former “Generations” star is featured in the hit Netflix show “Kings Of Jo’burg,” and fans believe he stands out.

A user, @RealMrumaDrive, was so impressed that he took to the platform to post a photo of the actor and asked fans to show him some love. The post got a lot of reactions, with fans of the talented actor saying all the good they see in him.

Some called him their favourite actor on the new show. Another wrote, “This is Diamond. He is good, yena. Just that on The kings of Joburg, they wanted him to look weak, they need to rewrite The script and omit Aus Connie together with Angela. Deadweight.” Shout out to the king.

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