Zwai Bala Calls for The Country’s Support After His Brother Lwando’s Racially Attacked in Gordon’s Bay

Mzansi singer Zwai Bala is calling for the country’s support after his brother was racially assaulted in Gordon’s Bay.

The popular singer has opened up about a racial incident that happened while he was at Gordon’s Bay with his family. He shared that he had visited Bertie’s Moorings Restaurant with his family, and his brother Lwando was attacked.

According to the singer, Lwando had tried taking photos when some racists attacked him. He said,

“We paid our bill plus a generous tip as would be the expectation from any other race. But walking around and taking photos is for whites only, it seems. I will ensure the establishments are not off the hook.”

He continued, “I call on everyone who can join us in making it clear that there’s no space for entitled racists in any part of our land, and can make it to Strand Magistrates Court on 7 February.”

Speaking to Briefly News about the incident, he revealed that the incident could have been worse. He also shared that they are currently in court concerning it. He said,

“Fortunately, no one else was hurt; it was very close. I escaped a fist. The case was postponed to 7 February 2024.”

Fans have shown support to him.

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