Zwai Bala Claims He Has Never Been Told A Musician Has To Pay Taxes Over 2M Rands Debt

Zwai Bala educated young musicians about financial management by narrating his experience with Sars, for not filing-in his tax as he should which led him into a R2 million debt with them.

The former Kwaito TKZee group member now a solo act, Zwai Bala recently held his first financial management masterclass at the AMD studios in Newtown. The singer said he ran into trouble with SARS because he wasn’t well educated about the fact that musicians were also required to pay tax and by the time he came to the realization, he had already being in R2 million debt. He went on to advise entrepreneurs to define what their creativity is about and stick to it.

He advised artist while they are growing to recognize what their main genre is and stick to it. The singer said failure is a core aspect of growth so they should be prepared for it.

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