Aewon Wolf “Moon” Album Review

Read our review of Aewon Wolf’s recently released EP “Moon”.

KwaZulu-Natal born singer, director and songwriter, Aewon Wolf recently dropped a new EP titled “Moon”, and it’s been getting a lot of great reviews. The 8-track EP features contributions from Thelifeofafly, Rey Oceans, Lz and Earl Evan’s all of whom do amazing jobs on it.

The project first starts off the sound of wolves howling. That gives your a certain feel of what to expect. It is almost cinematic without outright visuals. Thing is, you practically see things as the music plays. He calls the first song “Howl (A ballad to the moon)”. The words “cause I’m just a Wolf and you’re my moon” seem to stay with you as he repeats them.

Aewon Wolf &Quot;Moon” Album Review 2

In the album’s second track, he lets go of the eerie and embraces a more thumpier sound. He calls the song “Say It Louder” and features Rey Oceans on it. The beauty of the song is that it is basically a morning song just as the lyrics implies. Sounds like something you’d play when you get put the shower and while you have breakfast on a Saturday.

Track 3 is titled “Be Better” and features Thelifeofafly. It is slower than the second track, and way more emotional and simple than the first. He sings about change on this one. He teams up with Rey Oceans again for the hopeful “Tomorrow”. It is more upbeat, and very positive.

Each one of the songs on the project comes with a different feel. The beauty of it is that it takes you on a high and keeps you there. It is both a positive record, and also very self-reassuring. He expertly rides through genres in a way that makes you okay with it. Each song is a story worth hearing. We’re giving 4.2 stars to this project.  You should check it out if you haven’t.

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