Amanda Black – From My Soil To Yours Album Review

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We delve into the beautiful new album by Afro House and Soul singer-songwriter Amanda Black titled “From My Soil To Yours.”

Every time Amanda Black releases new music, she aims to speak to our souls with it. Some would say that no one makes music the way she does in Mzansi. Of course, they would not be wrong, but that remains arguable.

The “Power” full queen is back on the airwaves with a new album after two years. The last time we received an album from Black, she released “Mnyama.” It was a follow-up to 2019’s “Power,” which blew the roof off everywhere it was played. “Mnyama” was equally well-received.

The album housed ten tracks and featured contributions from well-known stars, including Afro Soul singer Berita, SA Hip Hop’s Kwesta, Mi Casa star J’Something, and, of course, the incredibly talented Christer. They all did a great job on the project.

She is ready to do it over again with the release of her new album, “From My Soil To Yours.” Unfortunately, she goes on the journey alone this time and does quite an incredible job. Of course, no one can pull off an entire performance like she does.

Cover Art

Amanda Black – From My Soil To Yours Album Review 2
“From My Soil To Yours” Cover Art

One thing is sure, Amanda Black is the queen of her own journey. When you listen to her music, she’s all you’ll see. She also gets it; that’s why she makes her album cover all about her. The “Mnyama” cover art featured a dark photo of the singer.

This time, she avoids the camera and makes it a little more creative. The new cover features a photo of Amanda taking in her beautiful environment with her eyes closed and head up. It is evident that she isn’t looking into the sky but feeling everything around her. It is undoubtedly the perfect cover.

Before the release of the album, Amanda Black gave fans some songs to enjoy. She first released “Nguwe,” which became a mild success. It was indeed a comeback song. Everyone who heard it knew the queen was back to take her throne. The song also did good numbers.

Next, she dropped “Love Is For Mahala,” which did not disappoint. Since the “From My Soil To Yours” album was released, several tracks have earned love from fans. They include the album’s first track, “Better,” “Ntaka Yam,” “Mali,” “Love My Body,” and more. They have all gained praise.

Tracklist & Features

Amanda Black’s previous album, “Mnyama,” housed ten tracks and featured contributions from a few prominent artists, including Afro Soul singer Berita, SA Hip Hop’s Kwesta, Mi Casa star J’Something, and, of course, the talented Christer. However, she opted to do things differently this time.

The new album, “From My Soil To Yours,” is one track longer than the last one. It also does not include any guest features. The plan must have been for the “Power” singer to go on the journey alone. We must confess that she did a fantastic job on the project alone.


1 Bettur 3:12
2 Mali 4:19
3 Love Is For Mahala 3:05
4 Nguwe 3:40
5 Love My Body 3:16
6 Isoka Lam 3:32
7 Masithandane 3:06
8 Family 3:35
9 Ntaka Yam 4:02
10 Believe 3:45
11 Worth It 3:42



Amanda Black has always been the kind of artist with nothing to prove. She made a considerable mark with her “Power” album in 2019. She also earned praise following the release of “Mnyama” in 2021. This time, she has not disappointed fans since “From My Soil To Yours” was released.

The singer has amassed a loyal fan base to go with her to hell and back. Of course, she earned that kind of support by making great music. Amanda Black’s new album also proves how confident of an artist she still is, years into her career. Her performance in the entire album is laudable.

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