Big Zulu “Mali Eningi” (ft. Riky Rick & Intaba Yase Dubai) Song Review

A review of Big Zulu’s new hit “Mali Eningi” featuring Riky Rick and Intaba Yase Dubai.

While SA Hip Hop has had an amazing year with artists and DJs consistently dishing hits back to back, some songs have stood out from the rest. Almost two weeks ago, Mzansi rapper, Big Zulu recruited Riky Rick and Intaba Yase Dubai to feature on his new joint “Mali Eningi”.

We dont know if they predicted it, but the song became an instant hit. The official video has already amassed over 1.5 million views in less than two weeks. Now, here’s what we think about the new joint.

The first thing that grips you on “Mali Eningi” is the infectious hook. Mzansi rappers seem to have gotten a hang of creating memorable hooks that take centre stage on their songs. From the first listen, the hook becomes the most memorable thing on the song. Dont be surprised to find yourself humming along and actually screaming “Eningi” at the end of each line.

Big Zulu follows with a dope verse. There is no doubt that it is his song, and he delivers like he owns the place. Which he does anyway. Zulu oozes swag and talent on this joint, and makes you want to hear more. The featured acts, Riky and Intaba add more spice to the track. The song is groovy and everyone comes with their own kind of energy. And swag of course.

They practically work the beat to suit their delivery. It is sort of like gliding on slippery ice. However, they dont slip, they just glide. We can’t ignore the production, which is quite impressive. The beat is chill and laid back, perfect for a day at the club or time alone at home. We hear it took them 3 years to find the perfect song to collaborate on. Big ups to them.

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