Blaq Diamond “SummerYoMuthi” Song Review

Here is our review of Blaq Diamond’s latest hit song “SummerYoMuthi”.

There is no denying that there is a new set of Kings in music right now. Mzansi duo Blaq Diamond has slowly become a formidable force in the Mzansi music industry, and their impact is usually felt in the airwaves.

After a successful album, several millions of streams and views across various platforms including YouTube, and a much deserved SAMA award, they came back strong. Just to celebrate the fun and beauty of Summer, they came through with a new dance track about two weeks ago. They title the song “SummerYoMuthi”.

There’s so much about this song that not only boosts your confidence but also makes you want to dance like crazy. We love how much they affirm what they’ve become, A-listers. Of course, they are Blaq Diamond, SAMA winners, certified hit makers, superstars, and there is no doubt about that.

The Afro House track is not just a straight up jam, it is almost a memoir about their latest lifestyle. They sing about being superstars, and it’s not even in a bragging kind of way. Imagine making a hit out of your new status. The production of the song is top notch. The beat first takes centre stage before the song embraces its full form.

You can almost see a dance challenge brewing with the song playing in the background. It seems a lot of people concur to this because the video for the song has already raked in a million views on YouTube in less than a week. The lyrics are quite uplifting, making you feel good as you dance to the beat.

They honestly hit the bar with this new offering. The Afro House tracks seems to have slight elements of Amapiano. You can hear slight thump of drums as the tempo increases. “SummerYoMuthi” is a straight out jam.

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