Boohle & Josiah De Disciple “Umbuso Wabam’Nyama” Album Review

Boohle & Josiah De Disciple’s first collaborative album, “Umbuso Wabam’Nyama,” has been in the consciousness of many music lovers in South Africa for a long time, perhaps because the pair had shared the project’s over art, as well as teased a couple of songs from it.

The project is here and the excitement over it is palpable. Looking back, one shouldn’t be surprised, perhaps. The pair had given fans ideas of what was imminent by sharing some songs from the project. The final work is something to lap up, really, and we’re glad.

In all, this project houses ten dance tracks, beginning with “Umbuso” and ending with “Inyembezi.” The playtime is 54 minutes – and every second of it is a pleasure. This much should be apparent soon.

“Umbuso” sets the tempo of the project with its soulful vibe, drawing you into a state of lyrical awareness you might wanted repeated over and over. We think it deserving of the first spot on the project.

With a title such as “Sms,” you know you just have to check out the second track, a collaborative work with Le Sax. Like the song before it, this one brings you splendide vibe as well.

The next three songs, “Qinisela,” “Izenzo” and “Buyisa” bears as much lyrical charms as the previous numbers, of course. In fact, we think them easy favourites. The three songs bear lyrical as well as emotional appeal, meaning it is easy to relate with them, easy to become enamoured of them.

“Sizo’phumelela” is one of the songs the pair released from the project before its formal drop. It also happens to be one of the songs that resonates with fans – and with us, we might add. The song features Chelete.

“Mama,” which occupies the 8th position in the 10-track project is a deeply moving number, instantly likeable. If you have a good – we might as well say profound – relationship with your mother, this is an ideal number to remember her by.

On the surface it might appear that the song is addressed to an individual, but it’s actually a shout out to all the mothers out there. The good mothers, of course, for there are mothers and there are mothers.

“Lost,” which seats comfortably as track nine in the project, might not leave you lost, but it surely will pull at your emotion strings. It is a deeply moving number comparable in musicality to other songs in the album.

With Mongomotsi Chosen as the sole guest on the project, perhaps one shouldn’t be surprised. Mongomotsi Chosen has got a voice that stirs the soul effortlessly. The muso unleashed that voice beautifully on this song it is hard not to applaud.

With “Inyembezi,” we come close to the end of 54 minutes of playtime. At the end of this song, with other tunes in the project still ring in your subconscious, you know for sure you have spent a worthy fifty four minutes of your time.

The compilation might be lean on tracks and even leaner in guests but the finished product is actually beautiful, with a dance vibe that might get you drunken.

The pair of Boohle and Josiah De Disciple have apparently taken their time with this project. The completed work is something they should be proud of. And yes, we have no qualms asking that you check it out. It’s the beginning of something beautiful for you this week. You might take that to the bank – or wherever.

Are there elements of the album you think we left out? YOu might want to let us hear them all in the comment section below.

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