Busta 929 – Undisputed Vol. 2 Album Review

Read our reviews of Amapiano DJ, Busta 929’s brand new album “Undisputed Vol. 2”.

Everyone who heard Busta 929’s “Undisputed” album tagged it a masterpiece. The album also became a raging success, dominating the airwaves and spawning several hits. It has since become one of the year’s most successful releases. Making a come back to the scene, Busta has delivered a follow up to the project, still featuring some of the album’s previous contributors.

With this new project, he does things a bit differently, and still stays trur to his hit-making ways. Read our full review of the new album titled “Undisputed Vol. 2“.

He kicks things off with the opening track “Yuri Boyka” featuring contributions from Mgiftoz SA, and Mpura. The mid tempo jam is basically a welcome into the project. The tempo remains the same, as Adlibs lead the way into the song proper. The drums, verses and more Adlibs give the song more energy. The next track, “Siyabulela” takes things up a notch. Rather than bang, the song takes a more mellow and laid back form. Mgiftoz SA basically swims through the instrumental and falsetts his way to a unheard climax. The song also maintains a soothing tempo until it ends.

Tobetsa” proves just how much Busta has grown since the last album. The faint voices, the drums, the beat and basically everything that make up the song announce it until begins to expand. This presents the dance you didn’t know you longed for when the album began playing. “Kokota” appears to ride with the same tempo but tunes things down a notch. Madam MC joins him on this one. We must say, she’s perfect for the song. She basically paints the beat with the ruffled colours of her vocals. The drums appear mid song and aim to steal a dance from you.

Lady Du joins the party on “Mswipeni“. Right from the beginning of the song, you know this is a bop. A thousand steps burst into mind before Du’s vocals begin to dominate. There is a perfect blend of vocals and instrumentals on this just the way it should be. “Mmapula” follows with Mzu M contributing. The first few seconds make you wonder what’s coming. The eerie string gives the song a different feel, before the piano leads the way into it. Here, the beat is more laid back as the focus is on the vocal delivery and the lyrics.

Busta rides solo on the next track “Thixo Somandla“. The impressive mix opens up with the consistent beating of a drum. Of course, if isn’t really Amapiano if a piano chord does not follow. The song basically climbs, with Adlibs fused in, sound effects to make it more visual. Mafidzodzo jumps on the dance train in “Gqoz Gqoz“. The song maintains the form of making an entrance with a stripped down beat before everything heightens. Like majority of the songs on the album, the tempo is laid back, but the introduction of the drums gives it more energy.

Busta embarks on yet another solo run with “Heartbreakers (Deeper Mix)“. You can almost taste the wave of sadness as the song slowly kicks in. There seems to be so much happening at once but it all blends perfectly. As expected, the drums emerge and lighten the mood. The album closes with “Beke Le Beke” featuring Zuma. The song basically bids you farewell as Zuma sing-talks his way around it.

The entire album glorifies the beauty of Piano. It is a very emotive and creative project. You’re either excited and dancey when listening to it, or you find yourself reflecting.

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