Daliwonga “DALI DALI” Album Review

Amapiano star Daliwonga has finally blessed the airwaves with his highly anticipated album, “DALI DALI.” The star has been prepping fans for the coming album, but dropping a few singles months ago and contributing hits by his friends in the Piano scene.

In November 2020, Daliwonga came through with the “Chameleon” album, which helped give him a massive reputation on the scene. The album housed thirteen tracks and featured contributions from some of the biggest names on the scene. They include Mdu aka TRP, Bongza, Sha Sha, DJ Maphorisa, Mas Musiq, Tyler ICU, Bontle Smith, and more. They all did a banging job on it.

Last year, he gained international attention with the hit song “Abo Mvelo.” The song featured contributions from Mellow & Sleazy and M.J. It received massive airplay all over Africa and in various parts of the world. He started the year with the song “10 Kilometers,” collaborating with Mas Musiq.

He also teamed up with Mas Musiq, DJ Maphorisa, and Kabza De Small on the song “Gangnam Style.” The song has become a massive hit in the country. Before dropping the “Dali Dali” album, Daliwonga released the song “Seduce Me,” featuring Nkosazana Daughter and Happy Jazzman. The entire album dropped on Friday, 6 October, and has been well-received by fans.

Cover Art

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One thing is sure about Daliwonga; he knows he isn’t just talented, he is also very handsome. He is undeniably one of the hottest music celebs in the country. Daliwonga makes himself the focus of the album cover. It features two shirtless images of the Piano star slightly merged. He stands tall in one of them while he gives a half-pose in the other one. We feel he wants fans to know that the album is all about him.

The new “Dali Dali” album houses a number of hits. Of course, we cannot expect a Daliwonga album without hits. The album was promoted with the single “Seduce Me” featuring Nkosazana Daughter and Happy Jazzman, who did a stunning job on it.

A few other singles on the album have earned praise from fans. They include “Igunana” featuring the genius Mas Musiq, “Mnike” featuring Visca, Murumba Pitch, Happy Jazzman & Mzizi, and “Relokeleng” featuring contributions from Mas Musiq and Myztro. The songs have been welcomed as new additions to Piano’s best hits this month.

Tracklist & Features

One good quality that Mas Musiq possesses is that he works well with other artists and DJs on the Piano scene. His recent collaborative success proves this. The new “Dali Dali” album houses twelve tracks and features help from some of the biggest names on the scene.

They include Nkosazana Daughter, Mas Musiq, Happy Jazzman, Myztro, Mzizi, Murumba Pitch, Xduppy, ShaunMusiq, Ftears, Herc, DJ Maphorisa, Sha Sha, Tyler ICU, Xolani Guitars, Tyla, TitoM, Da Muziqal Chef, Kabza De Small, and LeeMcKrazy. They all contributed to the album’s success, helping create the perfect sound of delivery of the songs.


There is no denying the fact that Daliwonga impressively started the year. He has come a long way from 2020’s “Chameleon.” He made the world dance with his hit song “Abo Mvelo,” which was a massive success. We love how he has extracted himself from the clutches of the song and made more hits.

He finally returned with the new “Dali Dali” album. The project has shown us more reasons to love the Piano star. He worked with artists and DJs who he has often made music with, and they delivered. Daliwonga’s third studio effort is proof that he came to stay. “Dali Dali” might just give the airwaves some of its best jams this year.

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