DBN Gogo & Unlimited Soul “Break Through” EP Review

Check out our review of DBN Gogo and Unlimited Soul’s recently released joint project, the “Break Through” EP.

In a time when Mzansi was going through a very hard time, Disc Jockey and producer, DBN Gogo teamed up with another genius hit maker, Unlimited Soul and delivered an impressive project for their fans to enjoy. The two hit makers must have taken their time to work on the project because it is one for the books.

One major thing about the EP tagged “Break Through” is that it relies solely on their production and not on vocals. It features a total of 5 tracks, all of which are produced by the two of DJs.

The “Break Through” EP starts off with the track “Awoa” which you can basically describe as a call to party. Gogo and Soul kick things off with an thumping beat that is reminiscent of a Gqom jam. However, before you even start to confuse it for one, the elements of Piano begin to take their place as the song heads to a balance. The most beautiful thing about it is that it features a perfect blend of sounds including the piano, and several other percussion instruments.

The EP’s title track follows after “Awoa”. It sort of makes an entrance like every other Piano hit. However, it feels more native and earthy at the beginning than the first track. Things change when the piano begins to play. It sort of sets the atmosphere around it and gives it a more dreamy feel. Just like in “Awoa”, several sounds blend in “Break Through”, but the difference is that alien and metallic-sounding vocals are also fused into it. This gives the song a way more different sound and feel. The energy is also maintained as the song heads to an end. It is both energetic and laid back, and does not end abruptly.

The 3rd track titled “Sekuyisikathi” starts off rather calmly. It also begins with a consistent beat which features the drum, the cymbal and of course, the maraca. Although still laid back, it begins to spread as the song crescends. Just like in the previous track, a blended vocal is also fused into it, which gives it the spice it needs. “Sekuyisikathi” is that jam you play in the middle of a party, exactly when the energy is up. It is clear why the song is right in the middle of the entire EP.

“6 To 6” takes things up a notch from the minute it starts playing. Also, the piano sets the tone while the entire songs prepares to take root. This song reminds you why Amapiano is so appreciated. It not only makes you want to groove, it also makes you want to stand back and enjoy the music. There is a chill atmosphere around the song, which later gives way to even more needed energy.

“Ithuba Lami” closes things off perfectly. It first takes a bit of time to settle like the first four tracks on the EP, but it brings a robotic feel to it. There is also more consistency with the fused in vocals which basically calls you to the dancefloor. The song gives the feel of a party that’s bidding its farewell. The robotic sound rides in the perfect spots in the song, and the beat comes in exactly when it feels like it has had its fill.

DBN Gogo and Unlimited Soul do really well with this new drop. The EP celebrates Piano in the best ways and also takes elements from several other Mzansi genres. This is certainly the project to obsess over.

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