Djy Zan SA – G4ssed Album Review

Read Our Extensive Review of the "G4ssed" Album By Djy Zan SA

Barely one year after teaming up with Royal MusiQ to release the album “Is Nie Vir Almal Nice,” Djy Zan SA has returned to the scene with a new one titled “G4ssed.” He rides solo on this one and still succeeds in doing a wonderful job on it.

The talented hitmaker is one of many Amapiano DJs who never relent from dropping jams. He already flooded the airwaves with multiple entries this year. He first dropped “Do Not Disturb” with Buddy Kay, and the track did its thing on the airwaves. Next, he returned with “Drugs,” a Flame Nation and Thokzin MusiQ collab. He also released “Shxta” with Buddy Kay and GiftLunga. The list goes on.

Over the past weekend, Djy Zan SA came through with the promised “G4ssed” album and the fans were very well satisfied. Everyone knows he already built a reputation as one of the best Piano talents on the scene.

His music is made to be enjoyed and he usually works with the artists who would complement his instrumentals. So far, fans’ reactions to the new album has been positive. While he isn’t the biggest DJ on the scene, he certainly has grown a loyal fanbase that has his back.

Cover Art

Djy Zan Sa - G4Ssed Album Review 2
“G4ssed” Album Cover

In our opinion, one of the best things about Djy Zan SA is the fact that he loves and enjoys doing what he does. Who wouldn’t love putting smiles on the faces of their fans with good music and an enjoyable set?

The official cover art for the new “G4ssed” album embodies what the project is about. Djy Zan SA spots a silly look in the picture as he strikes a pose for the cover. You can tell that he is ready to give his fans what they want, and he’s having fun doing it.

Some albums are usually preceded by a few singles so the fans can get a taste of what’s coming. That was certainly the plan for Djy Zan SA while planning for this project. The new “G4ssed” album was preceded by two beautiful singles including the solo offering “Hamba no Zani” and “Let’s Go” featuring contributions from Musiqal Stylist.

Both songs were well received by the fans. The album’s first track “Chomi Kamngani” featuring Mpho Spizzy is the most popular track the album so far. “Snake In The Water” featuring Musiqal Stylist has also gained a lot of love from the fans. Other popular tracks include “Elements of Surprise,” “End of Story” and more.

Tracklist & Features

Trust Djy Zan SA to always give the fans exactly what they need. The “G4ssed” is a standard project with ten solid tracks, including solo tracks where he put together instrumentals for his listeners to enjoy, and cool tunes featuring the best vocals.

There are three collaborative tracks on the album. They include the first track “Chomi Kamngani” featuring Mpho Spizzy, “Let’s Go” featuring Musiqal Stylist and “Snake In The Water,” also featuring Musiqal Stylist. They all did a fantastic job on the project.


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Chomi Kamngani (feat. Mpho Spizzy) Djy Zan SA 7:04 Released
2 Elements Of Surprise Djy Zan SA 7:21 Released
3 End Of Story Djy Zan SA 9:03 Released
4 Hamba No Zani Djy Zan SA 7:21 Released
5 Kwenzenjani Djy Zan SA 7:55 Released
6 Let’s Go (feat. Musiqal Stylist) Djy Zan SA 7:21 Released
7 M&M Djy Zan SA 6:13 Released
8 No Recognition Djy Zan SA 5:05 Released
9 Snake In The Water (feat. Musiqal Stylist) Djy Zan SA 5:57 Released
10 Underrated Djy Zan SA 8:31 Released



It has been four years of releasing music for Djy Zan SA, and through those years, he has only gotten better. He remains one of the hardest working Piano hitmakers on the scene. For him, the music is usually the focus, and he has silently grown his fanbase by releasing the best tunes.

His new “G4ssed” album shows how much he has grown since his previous joint project with Royal MusiQ. He lets his production skills take center stage in the album, while adding only a few collaborations as highs on the album. He certainly did a great job on this one.

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