Focalistic “Sghubu Ses Excellent” Album Review

In a little over one hour and eighteen minutes, South African musician Lethabo Sebetso, who is professionally known as Focalistic, affirms himself and his music gifts. This isn’t the first affirmation of his creative powers, of course.

For as long as one can remember, Focalistic has also drummed home his musical gifts to whoever would listen. In fact, the songster once stated that he would be the greatest artiste this side of the world in the coming years.

While we can’t confirm if indeed he might end up the greatest artiste in Africa, being with no prescient powers, we know for sure and loudly affirm his creative powers in his “Sghubu Ses Excellent” album.

This dance compilation popped on Apple Music on December 4. It houses 14 songs in all, a hub of fine guest artistes, including DBN Gogo & Mellow & Sleazy,JazziDisciples, Mr Jazziq, Abidoza, Mas Musiq, Squad Sa Maradona, Reece Madlisa, Semi Tee, Vigro Deep,25k, and Juniour Taurus.

From the list, it is obvious Focalistic apparently took his time picking some buzzing names in South African music. In co-opting artistes for his latest project, he wasn’t genre specific, as artistes of various genres, from hip hop to amapiano, popped in there.

No regrets, though. With those he picked, Focalistic happens to have a fine musical connection, most especially Vigro Deeo, with whom he’d released “Ke Star,” song which has since been confirmed platinum, alongside “Blecke.”

“Ke Star” is one of the songs the songster released form his”Sghubu Ses Excellent” album before the formal unveiling of the project. Also, “Ke Star” is clearly one of the most engaging in the project – a fierce mirror of the celebrity lifestyle.  In a sense, the song is Focalistic’s personal story. But that’s by the way.

When artistes affirm their musical gifts by shouting it from the rooftops, they risk being drenched in contempt, especially when the public doesn’t rate them highly.

Apparently Focalistic doesn’t care. Where he had publicly declared his ambition of one day becoming the greatest artiste in Africa, he does the same with his new project, albeit subtly.

Focalistic &Quot;Sghubu Ses Excellent&Quot; Album Review 2

One cannot begrudge him his audacity, as “Sghubu Ses Excellent” album is a compilation worth a music lover’s embrace. From the very first track in the album – an eponymous affair as they say down here – you know you’re in for something interesting.

Not only does that track detain attention, it leads you happily into the world of “Ke Star,” one of the more notable tracks in the compilation, which featured Vigro Deep. Focalistic ditched Vigro Deep’s vocal services for those of Mellow and Sleazy and TylerICU in the follow-up track, “Tashkuma.”

He would drop those musos as well, riding to the land of “Onoroko” with Riky Rick, Semi Tee and Reece Madlisa.

In track 6, the songster is on a “Benz and Beamer” cruise with Mas Musiq, one of the notable associates of the Scorpion Kings DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small.

“Benz and Beamer” is an interesting number on many levels  as it brings to the fore once again the vexed debate among South African celebs on which, between Mercedes Benz and BMW (Beamer), is the best automaker – you might say which has the best range of cars and SUVs.

The debate has been on for as long as one can remember. Advocates of Mercedes are many, and so are those of BMW. One of the most visible advocates of the Beamer is Afrotainment’s Naakmusiq. Mercedes Benz has Prince Kaybee. Mas Musiq is a neutral choice and fine fit.

Anyway, “Sghubu Ses Excellent” album is dance compilation of great weight and we readily give it 4 stars out of 5.

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