Heavy K “Respect The Drumboss (3 Step Edition)” Album Review

An Extensive Review Of Heavy K's "Respect The Drumboss (3 Step Edition)" Album

Since 2013, Afro House DJ and producer Heavy K has blessed fans with installments of his impressive project “Respect The Drumboss.” The project reminds fans of what he can do and keeps them anticipating more.

Recently, the famous hitmaker has proven how versatile he is. He has dabbled in Amapiano and delivered hits to the airwaves. He is back this time with the new “Respect The Drumboss (3 Step Edition),” and it’s an all-out stunner. The project follows “Respect The Drumboss 2021, Pt.1(10 Years Of Heavy-K Edition).” It was released on December 17, 2021, and earned praise from fans.

Last year, he dropped the EP “The Underrated King.” The project housed seven solid tracks and was released on December 2nd, 2022. The Drum Boss is back with this new entry in an effort to keep the dancing through the holidays. Fans were excited when the project was announced because Heavy-K always promises good music.

One person we know is certainly impressed by the project is Prince Kaybee, who has often spoken about being a huge fan of the DJ. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to hear about their collaborative project. This new “Respect The Drumboss” project upholds the quality of the previous ones. It is a huge vibe.

Cover Art

Heavy K &Quot;Respect The Drumboss (3 Step Edition)&Quot; Album Review 2
Heavy-K “Respect The Drumboss (3 Step Edition)” Cover Art

One thing to love about Heavy-K is how creative he gets with his artwork for his projects. He makes them represent the idea of the project. For the new “Respect The Drumboss (3 Step Edition),” he put a lot of work into it.

The artwork features a big tree with massive branches surrounded by different traditional items and old television sets. There are local drums, artifacts, and statues. The television sets feature news about the Drum Boss’ music. We love how traditional the art is. That seems to be the theme of the design.

Trust Heavy-K to earn praise for his music when he drops it. The new “Respect The Drumboss (3 Step Edition)” album has spawned several hits since it was released. They include “Kwelizayo” with Mazet & Thakzin, “Ulele” featuring Samthing Soweto, Thakzin, Professor, “Andikayeki” with Ami Faku, “Kuningi” featuring Jey Charles & Essa Kay, “iKhandlela” featuring Matics N, Peakay-M, Don Scott, and more.

Heavy-K - KWELIZAYO ft Mazet & Thakzin | Official Video

He released “Kwelizayo,” featuring Mazet and Thakzin, in August 2023. The song was very well received by the fans. A month later, he dropped “Andikayeki” featuring Ami Faku, which has also done well. The songs were released before the album dropped in December.


Tracklist & Features

The previous “Respect The Drumboss” project, which dropped in 2021, housed 13 tracks. This new one is one song short but still holds the bar he has set through the years.

The album features contributions from several known singers and hitmakers, including Jey Charles, Essa Kay, Matics N, Peakay-M, Don Scott, Ami Faku, iLovelethu, Kozzi, Samthing Soweto, Thakzin, Professor, Mazet SA, MaWhoo, Aubrey Qwana, Bekzin Terris, Hypsoul, Tman Xpress, Afro Brotherz, Malumnator, Nhlonipho, and Don De Guitarist. They all did a fantastic job on the project. They helped bring home the vision of the album.


Track Title Artists Duration
Kuningi (feat. Essa Kay) Heavy-K & Jey Charles 6:47
iKHANDLELA (feat. Don Scott, Peakay-M & Matics N) Heavy-K 2:37
Andikayeki Heavy-K & Ami Faku 6:36
Mngane (feat. ILoveLethu & Kozzi) Heavy-K 6:00
Ulele (feat. Professor) Heavy-K, Samthing Soweto, & Thakzin 2:29
Kuwe (feat. Mazet SA) Heavy-K & MaWhoo 5:26
Khomita Heavy-K & Aubrey Qwana 6:02
Kwelizayo (feat. Mazet & Thakzin) Heavy-K 4:05
Madala (feat. Hypsoul) Heavy-K & Bekzin Terris 6:02
Ndoda Mpini Heavy-K, Tman Xpress, & Afro Brotherz 7:33
Jezabela (feat. MalumNator & Afro Brotherz) Heavy-K 5:32
Weekend (feat. Nhlonipho & Don De Guitarist) Heavy-K 6:01


We love how certain Heavy-K is about his talent and skill. He never second-guesses himself or the music he makes. For many years, the Drumboss has dominated the Afro House scene and has also recently shown that he can deliver Piano tunes. His new effort, “Respect The Drumboss (3 Step Edition),” is a testament to his ability.

Heavy-K earned all our respect with the work he did on the album. The 12-track project is nothing short of perfect. The project is top-notch, and the vocal delivery of all the featured artists is beautiful. You might want to check the new album out if you haven’t already.


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