J Molley “All Is Fair in Love & War” Album Review

Here’s a track by track review of J Molley’s debut mixtape “All Is Fair In Love & Molley”.

Over the weekend, Mzansi rapper, J Molley gave fans his promised 14 track debut mixtape, featuring contributions from some of Hip Hop’s biggest talents. Check out our full review of the album from track to track.

The beginning of the project shows you what to expect. “High As God” gives off a drug-induced vibe, where words aren’t coherent, and the music feels like a ladder to heaven. The track is chill and very laid back. The next track “Okay” has a much faster tempo, and Molley launches into a dope cool rap vibe. The song sounds a bit like the first but with an entirely different rhythm. It is more like a club jam.

Costa Titch and Yanga Chief join him on “Ang’na Stress”. This is radio-friendly Hip Hop. The verses are quite dope, and each rapper rides the instrumental amazingly well. Also, the hook easily sticks to your head, even when you’re not trying to remember it. We love the chords that begin “Fake People” with CKAY. It is arguably one of the best songs on the album. The Nigerian artist vibes to the beat and they sing about their dislike for fake people. The song has a Columbian feel and makes you think of palm trees and coconuts.

Molley rides solo on “Life Is Pain”. This is one of the songs produced by him on the album. There’s a similarity with his production, which is very laid back and chill, same with the first and second tracks. “Menace” comes next, with an out-of-space vibe. He raps about the things he knows and believes in, things he’s read and learnt about. The song feels like it is more honest and raw than calculated. The ending is lit as he throws bars around.

“Every Night” is more danceable than the previous tracks. He sings about missing someone he loves every night. It sounds more like the dance song you listen to when you’re either heartbroken or lonely. Especially if you’re planning on dancing by yourself. “On Camera” comes off like a song for proud people, but it is the good kind. Very self-uplifting. There’s a lot of glamour and style spoken about on it. It is also the perfect feel-good track and Riky Rick and Frank Casino help give it more class.

Molley links up with Burningforestboy for “All Is Fair”. This would be perfect for bad days. The song sounds more therapeutic than like a big hit. It has a very soothing feel that sucks you in as you listen. The vibe on “Another” seems to be quite consistent on the album. It shows a mix of Molley’s Hip Hop and R&B sides. He sings and raps about how he can never be with another. Another consistent thing is the album’s production. That’s hard to ignore.

Focalistic joins the party on “40 Band$”. This is straight up Hip Hop, and makes you think of strippers on a pole. Clubs are going to light up with a song like this. He wears producer and rapper pants again on “Seen Her On TV”. There’s that laid back vibe again on this one. He rides the beat, and delivers some dope Adlibs. This is a sure favourite.

He features Nadia Nakai on the next track “Want The Rack$”, there’s a Bryson Tiller feel with this one. Nakai brings some of that Bragga vibe to the song. She takes no prisoners as she raps about needing only the realest around her. He closes out the album with the final track “Shifted” which talks about his belief in God. The chill vibe of the entire album is what makes it so beautiful.

All in in all, “All Is Fair in Love & War” gets a 4.5/5 rating

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You might want to leave it on repeat.

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