Justin Bieber “Anyone” Song Review

Read our review of Justin Bieber’s latest song “Anyone”.

Are we the only ones who are loving the new Justin Bieber? We doubt that very much. There is a certain kind of consistency with his music right now. A kind that gives off the feeling that he wouldn’t disappear on us anymore

JB has been making amends for his previous behaviours which was highly reported by the media. This has made his most recent music even more honest than before. At the beginning of the year, following his New Year’s Eve performance, the Biebs started the year with the release of his new song “Anyone”.

The song starts off in a soothing manner as he calls on his lover to “dance with me under the diamonds”. His vocals are at rest and beautifully calm. He sings like he is talking to the woman he loves who he tells that she’s the “only one I’ll ever love” and that if it’s not her “it’s not anyone”. The song picks up pace when he sings the hook, and the beat kicks in.

He also sings about being aware that he might lose her. The song is sort of a reminder of his love for her in case she moves on from him. Beautifully sad. He says “forever is not enough time to love you the way that I want”. He proclaims his love from the start of the song till it ends. He also tells her that she’s the only good he’s ever done in his life.

“Anyone” is the perfect song to rekindle relationships. Nothing like a song that tells about your feelings many years from now. Bieber also shows off how comfortable he is singing high notes. “Anyone” is a song for you. Two, who wish to be lost in each other’s world.

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