Kelvin Momo “Kurhula” Album Review

We extensively review Amapiano DJ and producer Kelvin Momo’s new album “Kurhula.”

In September 2019, Kelvin Momo introduced himself to Mzansi with “Yelele,” a song that spoke good things about his abilities. Since then, the Piano DJ has delivered albums and EPs to the airwaves and earned fan praise while becoming one of the most respected names on the Piano scene.

Last year, Momo released “Amukelani,” an album that was well-received by the fans. It housed 26 tracks and featured some of the biggest names in the Piano industry. They include Jay Sax, MaWhoo, Babalwa M, Makhanj, Mick Man, Mas Musiq, Tyla, Nkulee501, Skroef28, and more.

The talented hitmaker has grown in fame through the years, earning the love of Piano lovers all over the country. He recently dropped his third studio album, and the response has been crazy. He titled the album “Kurhula” and released it on December 8.

The shocking thing about the project is that it was not preceded by any singles. However, it has racked up streams since it was released, and the response from fans and critics has been positive. Kelvin Momo is certainly here to stay, and he’s proving that with his music.

Cover Art

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Kelvin Momo “Kurhula” Cover Art

Kelvin Momo is known to be a bit artistic with his cover photos. Whether it is a picture or an artwork, he usually makes it embody the theme of the project. We would say he did the same thing with the new “Kurhula” album.

It is a bit traditional, and the cover art is a perfect depiction of what the album is about. It features a sketch of a dancing girl in traditional attire. From the first track, it almost feels like the songs are the tunes the girl is dancing to. He certainly did a great job on it.

Like every other album, some tracks on “Kurhula” have fast become favourites for listeners. “Amalobolo” with Babalwa M featuring Stixx and Nia Pearl has been getting a lot of streams since the album was released. It seems to be the most popular track on the project.

Kelvin Momo and Babalwa M - Amalobolo [Ft. Stixx and Nia Pearl] (Official Audio)

Also, the collaboration with the famous Sjava titled “Uthando” has earned praise from fans. Other songs that have been gaining attention and streams include the title track “Kurhula” featuring Cnethemba Gonelo, “Wa Nsiya” with Stixx featuring Mzizi, “Uku Khanya” with Stixx featuring Yallunder and Umthakathi Kush, etc. The tracks have all earned praise from Piano fans.

Kelvin Momo and Sjava - Uthando (Official Audio)

Kelvin Momo & Stixx - Wa Nsiya [Ft. Mzizi] (Official Audio)

Tracklist & Features

The new “Kurhula” comes with a lengthy tracklist that is quite enjoyable. It houses 27 tracks, one more than his last project, “Amukelani.” It also features contributions from several known names on the Piano scene.

They include Cnethemba Gonelo, Sjava, Stixx, Mzizi, Yallunder, Makhanj, Babalwa M, Nia Pearl, Mashudu, Umthakathi Kush, M.J, Maremo Violin, Jay Sax, Brandon Dhludhlu, Reed, Nvcho, Zwayetoven, and Manji-T. The Piano star rode solo on a few tracks and delivered an impressive performance. He has proven over time that he can do a great job on solo songs and collaborations.

1 Kurhula (feat. Cnethemba Gonelo) Kelvin Momo 5:10
2 Uthando Kelvin Momo & Sjava 7:30
3 Wa Nsiya (feat. Mzizi) Kelvin Momo & Stixx 8:12
4 Uku Khanya (feat. Yallunder & Umthakathi Kush) Kelvin Momo & Stixx 7:00
5 Ikhaya Iam (feat. Babalwa M, Yallunder & Makhanj) Kelvin Momo 7:47
6 Amalobolo (feat. Stixx & Nia Pearl) Kelvin Momo & Babalwa M 8:29
7 Amanxeba (feat. Cnethemba Gonelo) Kelvin Momo 6:47
8 Iqiniso (feat. Mashudu) Kelvin Momo 6:52
9 Injabulo (feat. MJ) Kelvin Momo 8:51
10 Tears of a Black Man (feat. Rams De Violinist) Kelvin Momo 4:32
11 Trilogy (feat. Mzizi) Kelvin Momo & Stixx 9:11
12 Tintsumi (feat. Xolani Guitars, Malvin & Manu) Kelvin Momo 12:39
13 Hlokomela (feat. Stixx & Jay Sax) Kelvin Momo 8:34
14 Duze (feat. Yallunder & Makhanj) Kelvin Momo 6:47
15 Mbali Wam (feat. Brandon Dhludhlu) Kelvin Momo 8:42
16 Themba Iam (feat. Reed & Nvcho) Kelvin Momo 7:51
17 Violin Sounds (feat. Zwayetoven & Rams De Violinist) Kelvin Momo & Stixx 10:53
18 Ntsako (feat. Zwayetoven & Manji-T) Kelvin Momo 6:47
19 Khawleza (feat. Makhanj) Kelvin Momo 7:17
20 Yeee (feat. Zwayetoven & Manji-T) Kelvin Momo 9:35
21 Kuhle (feat. Stixx, Cooper SA, Zwayetoven & Khalil Harrison) Kelvin Momo 10:28
22 Jz56wv Kelvin Momo 7:26
23 290B Kelvin Momo 7:28
24 Kukama Kelvin Momo 7:55
25 Montana Kelvin Momo 6:01
26 Freaks Kelvin Momo & Stixx 8:04
27 East and South 2.0 Kelvin Momo & Stixx 6:44


Since 2019, Kelvin Momo has charted his own course while remaining visible on the scene. With a signature look that sets him apart, he never ceases to deliver when it comes to music. That alone has endeared him to many hearts.

Momo’s fame has risen to massive heights this year, and this new album has capped it all up. The new “Kurhula” album is a bit traditional and seems to channel his roots in the best ways. Fans will indeed find solace in the soothing beats and beautifully performed lyrics. He certainly put so much thought into this one. Be sure to check it out.


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